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About 'BiS'

Poor Quality and Defects in construction of both residential and commercial properties have been time and again reported in the Media. Professionals, Developers and Contractors have not been able to arrest the situation. Many including the Local Authorities and even buyers of property are quick to blame the Contractors.

The problem is not new. Akbal Singh Sandhu the man behind BIS after more than 25 years of experience, both as a Chartered Architect & Town Planner who has had hand on experience in both carpentry and bricklaying decided that it was time that someone did something about it.

With the prime idea of coming to the aid of helpless house and property owners and occupiers, Akbal found that it would be helpful to formally begin to offer his expert services to the public and thus the formal operation of his services was born under the name of 'BIS' BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICES.

The aim of the service is to both educate and bring awareness of the rights of buyers of property. To achieve the Vision 2020 as propagated by our political leaders, many tend to forget that it takes each and every person and agency involved in the production of houses and property to keep himself updated and also to perform and produce quality products of housing in line with the standards expected of a developed country.

Second level or subgrade quality of workmanship must simply be rejected. Buyers must insist to receive products as per the specifications and workmanship as stipulated in the Contracts of Construction failing which they are falling prey to their own accord. The key word here is that you must insist to receive value for your HARD EARNED MONEY.